Kespan Yaron Zaki (Kespan Maxwell Gimba) is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and music producer from Plateau State, Nigeria. Born in Jimpi in Bauchi State where he spent most of his early years, Kespan has explored, written and produced excellent music for more than 20 years. His first song was written at 6 years when he composed a song for his dog.

He began writing professionally in 1999 and recorded his first song: You are Worthy in 2002, after which he went on to record his first album in 2003 titled Ka Isa Yabo. Since then, he has recorded and released 4 other albums:Sabuwar Waka (2012), Ya Ba Ni (first released in 2014, then a reload containing more songs released in 2015), Expression (2017) and Zakin Yahuza (2020).

In 2004, he learned to play an instrument called Gurmi which is native to the Hausa/Fulani. Thereafter, he found a new set of strings and created his own instrument which he initially called Kaisz (Kespan An Inspired Strings Zenith) but now refers to as Suldo (a name derived from the direct translation in the Mwaghavul language for “Piercing Sound”, referred to as “dogho di sul pe”). He plays his Kaisz/Suldo fondly alongside the guitar, recorder, gurmi and percussion instruments.

Kespan has written over 200 songs and recorded more than 100 of them. He has sung with a number of talented musicians and has also been featured on many singles. He writes beautiful songs for many vocalists and has received multiple awards for his creativity and skill. In 2019, he established Yaron Zaki Studios in Jos, Nigeria where he serves as the C. E. O. He produces some of his songs and works with external producers on the others.

Kespan’s music cuts across different genres and he has explored various musical styles, giving his music the very unique flavor which has endeared him to diverse audiences and age groups.

Kespan’s inspiration comes from in-depth study of the Word of God through The Bible and fellowship with God. He attributes all of his talent and creativity to God, and is a firm believer in the leading of the Holy Spirit, through whom he has received and written his songs.





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